II. Grammar Activity

1. Add there is or there are to the following sentences.

1) …many parks in New York.

2) … a telephone I can use?

3) … sites on the Internet that are really useful.

4) … no free notebooks in the office.

5) …. some articles in the newspaper about this festival.

6) … any cheap hotels near here?

7) … various mass media today.

8) … no a musical channel in my house.

2. Describe TV\radio programmes of a channel\radio station, Internet resources, etc. using There is\There are.

e.g. In our city there are ….. TV channels. There is one musical channel, some news channels, etc. There are ….. programmes on …. channel. There is II. Grammar Activity a programme about…. . There are no programmes about\with …… etc.

(10 sentences).

3. Look at the picture, make and answer the questions:

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